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Accommodation in London for Interns and Young Professionals
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Living at Springboard

We provide safe, clean and hassle-free living. Situated in Barons Court, the Springboard house has 64 rooms, all let exclusively to young professionals, so that you can arrive straight into a ready-made social life in London with other like-minded interns and young professionals.

Reserving a room is easy and there's no hidden charges, no inventory, no contract set-up or admin fees.


  • One minute walk to tube
  • Picadilly and District main line
  • Walking distance to Hammersmith or Fulham
  • Five minute walk to small supermarkets
  • Affluent and safe area


  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Two large lounges with 50" TVs
  • Pool room and fusball table
  • Regular organised events
  • WhatsApp group with all tenants
  • Outdoor area with tables and a BBQ


  • All bills and council tax included
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing-up liquid & loo roll
  • Kitchenware essentials
  • Cleaners four times a week
  • Iron and vaccum cleaners
  • Laundry with tumble dryers
"It was extremely easy to move to Springboard, especially coming from abroad. The people are fantastic and it is a really easy way to meet people (almost too many!). I’ve made some excellent friends here."

Dan - Springboard Ex-Tenant

The House

Communal Areas - Ground Floor

VIP Lounge

The largest of the two lounges. It's where many housemates will come together after work to have dinner and watch TV together. It's also where any events/parties are held.

Pool Room

Situated on the ground floor between the two lounges. The pool room is a great place to socialise and play a casual game. There's several cues available to facilitate playing in teams.

Cosy Lounge

A bit smaller than the VIP lounge, but still popular among housemates to catch up after work and eat while watching TV. It's also where any events/parties will extend to.

On Each Corridor


There are bathrooms with showers and toilets dotted around each corridor. The ratio is generally one to every two housemates on every corridor.


There is generally six housemates on each corridor, and each corridor has one large kitchen. Each kitchen generally has 2 fridge-freezers along with all other kitchenware essentials you would expect (microwave, kettle, oven etc.)


Standard - Single Bed

Rent: £750pm

This room is nicely split into two sections which can help separate work and play. It's the cheapest room type, but has generous storage space, a single bed and all other standard room features.

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Standard - Double Bed

Rent: £775pm

This is an open plan room, allowing you to arrange your room to your liking, and comes with a double bed along with all other standard room features.

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Larger - Double Bed

Rent: £800pm

This is an spacious open plan room. Perfect for if you want generous space, the flexibility to arrange your room to your liking and the comfort of a double bed.

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